• Identificação do Projecto: VILA_CCC_Mont: Video indexation and linguistic annotation of contemporary choreographic creations
  • Grupo: Lexicologia, Lexicografia e Terminologia
  • Responsável: Carla Fernandes
  • Duração: 2007-2010
  • Palavras-chave: video indexation; linguistic annotation; contemporary choreographic creations; multimedia corpora; ontologies; ANVIL software


The purpose of this project is the video indexation and the linguistic annotation of original videos from contemporary dance productions shot on site during their rehearsal phases, towards the creation of multimodal corpora for the study and description of the specific movements, styles and vocabularies that correspond to recent productions of different international contemporary choreographers.

It is an interdisciplinary project, for which the initial motivation has been to study the relations between verbal and non-verbal language in mental processes involving creativity. It is based on a strongly terminological/ontological approach, where the final aim is to create a multimedia knowledge-base (to be launched online as a constant "work in progress" product) and an ontology based upon the cognitive linguistic theory of Frames.

The project has started with the analysis of the latest dance pieces by Rui Horta. However, it is to be extended to other internationally recognised choreographers we will closely accompany and analyse. The focus will constantly be turned upon what concerns the inter-relations between oral speech and body movement or gestures.

A two-folded central target will be: to widen the training and/or research possibilities of young and future choreographers and dancers, both in Portugal and abroad, as well as to provide the regular and motivated dance spectator with an open-ended database of newly-created terms and verbal descriptions. This proposal of a more specific vocabulary, however specialized it may seem, will still be rather accessible to the common public, thus enabling us to contribute for a clearer, richer and hopefully more objective discourse, amongst the contemporary dance community, about what is actually seen on stage.


  • Carla Fernandes (investigadora responsável)
  • Rute Costa
  • Rui Horta (consultor)
  • Maria José Fazenda (consultora)