De 13/11/2015 09:15:00 a 13/11/2015 19:30:00

Core Syntax Workshop: "Non-local dependencies in the nominal and verbal domains"

Call for Papers: Please submit your one-page abstract via email to: franco.ludovico@gmail.com by October 18, 2015. The abstract must not exceed 500 words (excluding references). Each individual may be the first author on no more than one contribution.
The workshop, sponsored by the Portuguese National Science Foundation (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia - FCT), will bring together some leading figures in syntax to discuss current issues such as multiple instantiations of agreement, local and non-local case assignment and agreement within the nominal and verbal domains, subject versus object agreement, and locality and minimality effects in agreement versus movement (Agree versus Merge). In addition, we will hold a poster session for PhD students willing to present their proposals on any syntactic topic. The workshop will be held at CLUNL, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. One of the goals of the workshop is the publication of a peer-reviewed edited volume. This will provide an opportunity for young researchers to publish together with well-known experts in the field.