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Discourse Interaction


Discourse interaction is an area of study where the detailed analysis of how in fact can people communicate in portuguese has been scarce. This research group is thus centered in the interactional process, seeking to examine the discursive structures and strategies in real situations, either in spontaneous or in institutional contexts, along their relation to a range of theoretical models. Its members have diverse backgrounds and value that diversity because it is an important factor of the interdisciplinarity that they want to bring to their studies. 

The group articulates its research activity in three main areas:

  • Conversation analysis, in an ethnomethodological perspective;
  • Discourse analysis, both in synchronic and diachronic perspectives;
  • Contact linguistics, multilinguism and creolistics

For the groupís members, the interactions between these specific approaches of the interactional phenomenon are not only a distinctive feature of the group but also an important resource for valorization and enrichment of the research.

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